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Today is the last day for the food drive @ Bio- Rad.   Our goal is 3000 lbs.  We should surpass our goal with ease.  People at  the 875 building sold Lumpia and Senorita bread  on Friday and Monday to raise money for the cause.   We have ten people in our building and we have collected over 500 lbs.  Last year we gave 3 tons of food  The people who run the food bank cried when the Mad Dog truck rolled up with all that food.  The need had grown so much they were unable to keep the shelves stocked.  I can only assume  that it is worst this year with  unemployment  going higher and higher.   I sent a email to our activities committee last winter telling that we shouldn't  just give during the holiday's.  We at Bio-Rad are blessed to have a job and should give at least  4 times a year.  I never heard back.   Its crazy how everyone wants to help at the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.  400 people show up to help.   Wonder if anyone shows up to help on June 7th?



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2009-11-13 16:39:01
kianarubin75 said:


what's June 7th? LOL

2009-11-10 14:20:12
luke said:


Good Point.  This is an interesting video from - he makes some good points.  Pretty much, people will help if it's convenient , if they have time, or if someone else reminds them that people need help. video

Enjoy :)

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