food drive results

Results of the
Food Drive Challenge!!!!

800 - 525 lbs
825 South - 615 lbs
255- 992 lbs
825 North - 1039
GRAND TOTAL - 3,171 lbs
Last year's grand total - 1211 lbs
That's 1960 more lbs of food this year over last year!

Your donations of food, money, time, and enthusiasm yielded INCREDIBLE results in this year's Food Drive!  It is truly inspiring to work with people who choose to make a difference.  This spirit of generosity will once again make a difference in the lives of our neighbors who need a helping hand.  Thank you all for your amazing support.



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2009-11-12 19:02:54
Deedles said:


Wow, I'm impressed.  We have 200 people in our office and haven't collected anywhere near that!

2009-11-12 16:31:25
luke said:


Yay Bio-Rad!!!

Yay us!!! (Only 10 in the 800 building btw)

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