Fillapina vs the Puerto Rican

Maria and I went  to  Kiana and LeSeans house on Saturday to watch the Pacquiao / Cotto Fight.   When we got there the party was in full swing.  There was a large pot of Pozole simmering on the stove and the food and Liquor was flowing.  The fight was on in the garage,  the big screen in the living room and  back yard.

 Everyone was having a great time.  Half the party was rooting for the Fillipina and the other half for the Puerto Rican   It was nice to get to see   Kiana and spend  time with her and her family.  I love them all and it  had been such a long time since  I had seen them.  Plus it is always so much fun.  Kiana's Mom Annette was there with her new man.  Happier then I have seen Her.   All the Lacanaria  sisters came with their husbands plus the extended family and  a bunch of LeSean's coworkers.   After the fight the party really got  crackin. . Everyone was dancin and singin and groovin to the music.  Maria and I both got groped by the same person  (hours a part )   WTF? Haha  Seriously.  I'll have to tell you about it sometime.  When we left around  Midnight  the party was  still going  STRONG, with no end in sight.   I wonder if the cops were called.  Kiana said that  a cop  told her Salsa Music drives neighbors CRAZY!  Much crazier then other types of music.  So I am hoping they just kept it old skool.




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2009-11-19 21:05:26
Deedles said:


Sounds like my kinda party!! Kiana and Maria look so great- haven't seen them in so long.  The pic of the 3 of you is really cute. I crack up when I think about that night we all went out. LeSean danced w/me to Los Lonely Boys "Heaven" cuz Kiana made him. We were grinning at each other on the dance floor cuz I could tell how much he hated dancing with this white girl to that song!  LOL  What a good sport. Tell them I said hey! 

2009-11-17 12:47:32
annettecastro said:


Hey Tami!

The Rubin's fight night was off the hook!  Yeah, I am VERY happy with my new man!  Finally, someone good in my life.  I can hardly wait till the super bowl party. It was so nice seeing you and Ria.  Sheesh!, when we all get together it's like we have never been apart.  Let's not wait to only party on special occasions.  Any day is a good day to hang with you.

I love you!


2009-11-16 16:31:00
kianarubin75 said:


Love the pics and the video was great.  I had sooo much fun and couldn't have turned out better especially since you and ria made an appearance that really made my night.  Thanks so much for coming out here.  We always have such a great time together, it really is ashame that we don't do it more often.  I hope next time Sean and Missy can join the fun.  And you know my dancing machine sister, Justelle did manage to get her little salsa on and Antioch's finest did make it over here.  It was a while after the salsa though...Maybe just a slow response who knows...I still believe the other cop......However, the partying didn't stop we continued till about 4 in the morning and the last group of people that just kinda passed out left around 8:30.  I managed to sober up and stay up till five and don't ask me how but I cleaned the kitchen, the garage, and patio.....You never even knew we had a little over 50 people in here at once.....Can't wait for the next one.....

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