Bailey Maria Kiana

Bailey Maria Kiana will be 12 in May.   Poor old girl is blind,  overweight ( yes I admit it!  Missy ), her hips are bad and she has a large growth growing on her rear back.   She is a mess.  I still walk her.  I am her seeing eye human.  I say  "Curb" and she know to step up.   While out walking people feel free to tell she is over weight.  I just smile and nod but  I want to say " No shit sherlock."   Once a boy yelled " baby got back"  at  her as we walked by.  Luckily she doesn't know that song so she was unfazed.  I however did cringe .  My response to  strangers that feel free to talk shit about her is  " she is old , blind and her hips are bad"  Then this is where it gets stupid.  They say  " She's blind? She is looking around"   All I can do is just stare at them.  I don't say a word because If I were to say anything it would go something like this "  What? she's looking around.? Damn my bad . This whole time I thought she couldn't see. Thank you for clearing that up"  Why would people tell a dog owner that they must be mistaken their dog isn't really blind.  I am not kidding 12 people have said those exact words to me.  What do people think a blind dog would just stare straight ahead. Her head is following the sound you nuckleheads.



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2009-11-19 21:24:07
Deedles said:


YOU ARE KILLING ME with these stories!!  Your blog is very entertaining. 

I must repeat the Enstein quote- it's fitting for those people you describe above:

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

On a serious note, poor Bailey.  She's such a sweetie. You're a good mom.  I had no idea her name is Bailey Maria Kiana. That's a hoot.

Kisses and hugs to Blind Betty.

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