My Explorer was stolen at the end of July.  The tires and battery were taken.  They ruined the ignition, door lock and the gear shift handle.  My sweet as pie niece Erica hooked me up with a good deal on some tires.  That was at the end of Aug.  Sean put the tires on in the middle of Oct.   Now all I need to do is buy a battery and drive it to the shop. 

Well, that is easier said then done.   It seems like a small errand but in my mind is seems overwhelmingly difficult.  Everyday day I think  when would be a good morning to take off work and drop it off at the repair shop..  Mind you today is November 18 th.  I am off  this Friday but am going up to Lincoln to visit an old coworker.  Maybe I could do it tomorrow? Humm  Wonder if I could put a battery in myself?   Next week is Thanksgiving week.  A very busy week at work because we ship five days worth of International subsidiaries shipments in 3 days.  That might not be a good time to ask for the morning off.   As you may know other countries do not celebrate Thanksgiving.  They can't understand why we are closed 2 days for a dinner.

Oh I digress.   WHY is this so hard? I am dazed and confused. Like a deer caught in the headlight.  Frozen   HELP ME JESUS !


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2009-11-19 20:49:54
Deedles said:


This story is superb! It sounds so much like you.  :)  You need a personal assistant. My friend Michelle recently divorced after a gazillion yrs of marriage and 3 kids just installed a battery herself and shared her glory on facebook!  Her words were, "I don't need no F'ing man!"  Love it.  I think you'll have success.  A challenge......

 P.S. I LOVE the comment, "other countries can't understand why we are closed 2 days for a dinner."  Priceless!!!! 

2009-11-19 10:57:28
Maria Lico said:


I feel you on all that.... Car Crap is Overwhelming x 10 ..... BUT..... You can dooo itttt...  Just Stop, Breathe, Think, Strategize, Focus and Go For It..... BUT... Please get the cable connections correct. Don't want no 4th of July sparklers going off.. JK..  : > )

2009-11-18 12:32:18
tfahlgren said:


If we were Men this would of been taken care of a long time ago! Sometimes we a little more help than Jesus!

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