Missy and Me

Sunday was Mother / Daughter day for Missy and Me.  We had planned on a Mom, Daughter and Auntie day.  Theresa was supposed to come but it turned out she had already said she would work  OT on Sunday but forgot until they called her at 8:00 am saying " where you at" ? Missy and I had a nice day .   We went to see the movie Precious and then had dinner at Angeline's.   The movie was really good and the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese at Angelines's was beyond delicious- it was out of this world.. : ) 



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2011-11-14 21:39:58
luke said:


Thought I'd take a look at the website for old times sake and fell upon this one.  I am now drooling and can do nothing about it 5 hours away.  Dammit. 

Hope everyone is good at 800 - it was great seeing you and Theresa at halloween - Occupy Bio-Rad! 


Love ya,


2009-12-02 13:24:49
TAMARA said:


Angeline's it is then.  Stewart reunion is only a front your Birthday dinner anyway.

2009-11-29 19:17:49
Deedles said:


I want to go to Angeline's when we have our "Stewart Reunion" day after Christmas!!

2009-11-24 13:31:58
Missy said:


Mama, Thanks for our day on Sunday. Had a great time. Loved the movie, cant stop thinking about it. Can't stop thinking about that fried chicken too. I think it's the best I ever had. All around perfect day.  Let's do it again really soon.  Love ya!

2009-11-23 18:38:04
Deedles said:


Love how you took pics of the places in your story.  How is Shattuck theatre? It reminds me of our "old town" Chabot theatre. I love it there.  Angeline's? Never been. Sounds yummy.  4 thumbs up? :)  It's wonderful that you and Missy take a day for each other that way. Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!

2009-11-23 15:45:07
luke said:


I can't wait to get back to Angeline's and get some of that fried chicken.  Off the hook!!  Nice pics of the restaurant btw - I'm sure they appreciate the good pr ;)

Glad you guys had a good time :)

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