Lucais Micheal Stott AKA luke Stottwalker

The creator of this blog and my coworker / nephew has been accepted into the Nursing program at Univ. of Humbolt.  He will be leaving us the first of the year.   Luke is a wonderful and sweet guy that is is loved by everyone.   He is always the first to step up and lend a helping hand  in the warehouse or in our office.  We will miss his fun sense of humor , genuine goodness and his wealth of knowledge.  He is our go to guy for anything technical and a computer genius too. 

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor of my cubicle trying to figure out why my speakers weren't working.  Luke walked by and said " Can I help?"  I said " I cant figure out why my speakers are not working."  Luke pushed the mute button on my keyboard and said" your mute was on"   This is not an example of how he is a computer genius rather an example of how lost I will be without him.

 Good luck Lukey my friend.  I  just know you will make a great  nurse someday. 


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2010-02-06 07:30:08
kianarubin75 said:

     I am soo happy for Luke that he gets to follow his dreams. For the short time I worked with him we had a great time. A day would not go by without us laughing over something...and he is a for sure a computer genius he created my gmail account which I still use. Thanks Luke!

2009-12-04 20:30:08
Deedles said:


Well, I did not work with Luke so I feel a bit out of place adding my comments here, but TAMI!!! I wanted to tell you how beautiful you write!  What a great story.  You've told me many times in the past how much you love Luke, and the way you describe him (and Maria too) just shows you pick the right kind of people to love.  Good luck, Luke!  I love the blog you helped Tami create.

2009-12-01 21:27:44
luke said:


Thanks for the kind words you guys :)

I'm gonna miss workiing with you two.  It's been a blast. I'll never forget my little stint here at the Rad - and it's sure not because of filing airway bills - it's been so much fun working with you two and everyone at the warehouse. 

I don't know if I'll ever have another job as laid back and fun with such quality people.

800 Rocks!

2009-12-01 19:54:32
Maria Lico said:


Luke, Luke, Luke...You're everything Tami said and much more. You came to us here at Bio-Rad during a difficult time and it only got worse the months ahead. Your introduction into our little shipping world was a chaotic one and I feared you would run away but you didn't. You adapted so quickly to what we do in shipping. It was like a breath of fresh air. I could breathe with ease knowing you could hold your own and so much more. Tami came back to us and everything started falling into place. Yes, things were still chaotic for awhile but there was now a light at the end of the tunnel. Weeks became months and the months became 3 1/2 years. Time flys when your having fun and I can honestly say, we've had fun. Your genius for the computers still amazes me given the fact that you taught yourself. I can feel so inept when it comes to computers and you're so generous with your time to show me something so simple. Thank You for your patience. As Tami said, you're our go to guy for so much: computers, music, True Blood fix, what will we do.... REALLY, What Will We Do... Interesting conversation, video clips that have us rolling, listening to stories you and Tami tell about younger years. But most importantly, just being around a guy who is so geniunely sincere in how he treats & talks to people. I'm glad to call you a friend. We're so happy for you to be moving forward with your life, but make no mistake, we are sad to see you leave us. Congratulations Luke on your acceptance into the nursing program. Enjoy the Journey. : )

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