Droppin the F-Bomb

Hello everyone - Hope you all had a Great Christmas. I sure did. Very low stress.  Just like I like it.

Grandchildren sure keep it fun.  My favourite moment was on Christmas day.  We were just hanging out at Missy and Sean's.   The movie  "A Christmas story"  was on the TV and it was the scene where Ralphie says the F word.  Kaleah turns to me and says " Kai Said Fuck"  I busted out laughing and almost spilled my wine.  Sean turns to Kaleah and says sternly  " Kaleah don't say that word, say the F-word"  

I turned to my grandson and asked him " You said the F- word?"  he shrugged his shoulders as if to say maybe, or so what . I not sure..  I then asked him where he heard the F- word?  Does his friend Joey say it?.  He shakes his head no.  Who do you know says that?  He slowly points to his Mom.

Heehee Sorry Missy.  I take the blame for that one.  I cussed like a sailor in front of Miss when she was kid. I lacked  any kind of self control, unlike my Father who apparently had tons of self control 

When i was dating Missy's Dad he told me once that my Dad had gotten pissed while they worked on his car.  He said: Your Dad was mad and it was all F- this , F- that.  I said ' You are such a liar- My dad doesn't say the F-word"  I never heard my Father say the F-word in my life.  Then I realized that he worked with a bunch of men as a mechanic and of course he said the F-word but he  was a gentleman and no matter how mad he got he never went there in front of of kids.  As many of you know, my house could get  totally CRAZY and him saying the F-word in the mist of all that drama would have been understandable.  But he never did   To this day that still amazes me. 

When  Kai was 3 or maybe he was just 2 ( its seems like a long time ago.) he talked about cussing all time.  Once while waiting in the car a passerby was having a lively  argument on their cell phone and was cussing up a blue streak as they walk by.  Kai informs his mom at that moment " I am going to say bad words when I grow up"     Missy and Sean goofing around one day asked him  "if he was to say a bad word what would he say?" He hesitated.  They assured him that he wouldn't be in trouble but that he was allowed to say it only once.  They both assumed it would be the dreaded F-bomb but he broke out with "SON OF A BITCH"  Putting the emphasis correctly on the  Bitch.  : )


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2010-01-17 20:41:27
Jannie said:


Deedles is right, Tam.  This is like a treasure chest for your kids' kids' kids.  What a loving and fun-loving ol' gramma.

2009-12-30 11:27:55
Deedles said:


Tamara Fahlgren-Downing- I just love you to pieces.  This is the BEST story!!  I am not kidding when I say that you should write a book.  You have flair, did you know that?  I never knew that about you and I've known you since we were 6. 

Love the Kai story. He wasn't about to waste his "Get Out of Jail Free" card on just one word. Heck no! He was gonna say a whole sentence.  That's hysterical.  Love that boy!  I also love how Kaleah ratted on him to you.  Too funny.  Missy & Sean crack me up- they are very playful parents, just like you were. 

Your dad was a gentleman, you are right. My dad- he swore like a sailor in front of us.  His favorite saying, "Jeeeeezusss Fuckinnnngggg Christ".  He'd really draw it out.  Me, I have a hard time saying the F-word.  People laugh when I say it because it doesn't come out natural-like.  Maybe I heard it too often when I was a youngster.

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