Bad Tattoo

Little people wrestlers

Bailey Maria Kiana

Bailey Maria Kiana will be 12 in May.   Poor old girl is blind,  overweight ( yes I admit it!  Missy ), her hips are bad and she has a large growth growing on her rear back.   She is a mess.  I still walk her.  I am her seeing eye human.  I say  "Curb" and she know to step up.   While out walking people feel free to tell she is over weight.  I just smile and nod but  I want to say " No shit sherlock."   Once a boy yelled " baby got back"  at  her as we walked by.  Luckily she doesn't know that song so she was unfazed.  I however did cringe .  My response to  strangers that feel free to talk shit about her is  " she is old , blind and her hips are bad"  Then this is where it gets stupid.  They say  " She's blind? She is looking around"   All I can do is just stare at them.  I don't say a word because If I were to say anything it would go something like this "  What? she's looking around.? Damn my bad . This whole time I thought she couldn't see. Thank you for clearing that up"  Why would people tell a dog owner that they must be mistaken their dog isn't really blind.  I am not kidding 12 people have said those exact words to me.  What do people think a blind dog would just stare straight ahead. Her head is following the sound you nuckleheads.


Fillapina vs the Puerto Rican

Maria and I went  to  Kiana and LeSeans house on Saturday to watch the Pacquiao / Cotto Fight.   When we got there the party was in full swing.  There was a large pot of Pozole simmering on the stove and the food and Liquor was flowing.  The fight was on in the garage,  the big screen in the living room and  back yard.

 Everyone was having a great time.  Half the party was rooting for the Fillipina and the other half for the Puerto Rican   It was nice to get to see   Kiana and spend  time with her and her family.  I love them all and it  had been such a long time since  I had seen them.  Plus it is always so much fun.  Kiana's Mom Annette was there with her new man.  Happier then I have seen Her.   All the Lacanaria  sisters came with their husbands plus the extended family and  a bunch of LeSean's coworkers.   After the fight the party really got  crackin. . Everyone was dancin and singin and groovin to the music.  Maria and I both got groped by the same person  (hours a part )   WTF? Haha  Seriously.  I'll have to tell you about it sometime.  When we left around  Midnight  the party was  still going  STRONG, with no end in sight.   I wonder if the cops were called.  Kiana said that  a cop  told her Salsa Music drives neighbors CRAZY!  Much crazier then other types of music.  So I am hoping they just kept it old skool.



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